Sound and energy therapies for health and wellbeing and a non-chemical, non-invasive alternative to heath care

Sound Baths, Biofield Tuning, Assemblage Point Alignment, Spectrochrome Laser and Grounding Equipment

Karen trained as a Gong Practitioner with the College of Sound, as a Sound and Movement Therapist with the British Academy of Sound Therapy and in Biofield Tuning with Eileen McKusick.

Everything in the Universe is energy vibrating and that includes you!  

As Einstein said “Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies”

When you are in good health your body is vibrating at optimum frequency but when you are stressed or unwell this is no longer the case, leaving the door open for mental, emotional and physical dis-ease.

Treatments at The Gong Salon include Sound Baths, Biofield Tuning, and Assemblage Point Re-Alignment.  All sessions are supported by Clint Ober grounding equipment and the SpectroChrome Laser.


Experience a sound bath with Gongs, Drums, Crystal and Himalayan singing bowls which produce a wide range of frequencies and vibrations to relax, re-tune, regulate, and re-energise the body.  Sound therapy has the potential to correct imbalances of energy deep down at a cellular level within the body.   Our brains and bodies are totally interconnected so when our brainwaves are out of balance we will be experiencing corresponding emotional and physical health issues. Over or under arousal of the brain is linked with problems like anxiety disorders, sleep problems, hyper-vigilance, anger, depression, migraines, vertigo and tinnitus, to name just a few. Sound baths use frequency medicine to help with this by taking us through gradually lowering and regulating brainwave states.


Biofield Tuning is a sound therapy system using tuning forks directly in your biofield – the term refers to the electrical current which runs through our body and the electromagnetic field which surrounds it.  The health of your electrical system – heart, cells, nervous system etc, informs our physiology and the functioning of every organ and system in the body.

In addition, your biofield holds information related to your emotional history; thought patterns, memories and physical and emotional traumas.

Any dissonance, resistance or turbulence in your biofield can be understood as an expression of physical, mental or emotional imbalance.  The coherent vibrational frequencies of the tuning forks can locate these imbalances and help alleviate or eradicate the corresponding symptoms by enabling the body’s organising intelligence to tune itself, resulting in more flow, relaxation and relief.  Which leads to greater health, well-being and human potential.


 When you are in good health your body electrical energy system is vibrating at optimum frequency but when you are stressed or unwell this is no longer the case. The Assemblage Point (AP) is a specific light energy source at the centre of this oscillating energy field located at centre the chest, but which becomes misaligned through stress, trauma and ill health.  Realigning the AP brings a greater sense of balance and centeredness.


 The body is electromagnetic, and light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. In the 1920’s Dinshah Ghadiali developed a technique using green light to help bring the body into  harmony and balance. The SpectroChrome Laser is gentle and non-invasive device for delivering green light. Green light helps balance the cerebrum, which is responsible for movement, temperature, touch, hearing, reasoning judgement, problem solving, learning and emotions.  It also helps balance the pituitary gland which secretes hormones that affect mood and behaviour and controls several hormone producing glands.  Green light an act as an adaptogen i.e. if a part of the body is under stimulated it can raise energy, or if it is overactive can bring energy down


All treatments at The Gong Salon are supported by the use of grounding equipment produced by Clint Ober of the book and movie ‘Earthing’ fame.  We no longer walk barefoot on the ground as often as is good for us, if at all, so we don’t benefit from the negative charge of the Earth which neutralises all the positive charge we collect from the atmosphere around us.  That positive charge is scientifically shown to produce inflammation in the body which is the major influencing factor in major illness and disease in the body.   By plugging into grounding equipment during sessions at The Gong Salon your body has an instant experience of inflammation reduction while you relax.

Karen also hosts private Sound Baths for birthdays, weddings and other celebrations. 

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