Are you in recovery from trauma, or struggling with the pressures of daily life?  Do you need a place to slow down, to reflect, to be heard and to heal in an authentic conversation? 

Here you will find a powerful toolbag of resources to help you heal, grow and move forward with your life.

Appointments are available face-to-face in the UK and internationally via the internet. There are retreats for those who'd like to be supported with more time and space, Sound Healing for individuals and groups, and the Flow Game

 A space to explore the important personal or professional questions in your life that require attention now.

Latest News from the Blog

Smovey Rings in Somatic Experiencing

In Somatic Experiencing (SE) sessions Smovey Rings are a great tool in the treatment of trauma.  Here are 7 good reasons to book an SE session using Smovey Rings and experience the vitality affect.   Come out of trauma and into aliveness. When traumatised our curiosity is greatly diminished, as ...
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Invitation to a Flow Game 5/10/2019

Are you struggling with an important question for your life that you can't find the answer to no matter how much you talk it over, make lists or meditate on it? The Flow Game (not to be confused with the video game of the same name) was devised by a group of friends in Denmark ...
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The Secret Soundbath

On Sunday 1st September I enjoyed hosting The Secret Soundbath at Turley Farm Barns near Witney in Oxfordshire. Guests enjoyed a talk by Phil McNamara, the UK's leading researcher into the history of Sound Healing and the Gongs, before venturing out for a countryside walk, then relaxed with a gong ...
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Change Is The Only Constant Thing

I’ve been reflecting how my practice has changed over the last couple of years. On these pages there is, I hope, a consistent message about how I continue to work with people in recovery from trauma, and also an orientation towards the new skills and activities I’ve been quietly integrating ...
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