What’s the most important question in your life right now?

The Flow Game is a uniquely creative resource through which to explore an important question about your personal or professional life while being hosted in meaningful conversation.  The game is simple and fun, but also has complexity. Karen hosts the process, the 'board' provides the framework, the cards encourage enquiry, and the dice brings serendipity.

Part of the philosophy of  the international community of Flow Hosts is that people come to the game when they're ready, so if you're on this page and curious perhaps now is the time.....

Your Path Revealed

Your Path Revealed is a process for individual exploration created around the Flow Game  An opportunity arises to slow down, step up and focus on your inner journey.  Exploring your question through the lens of self-leadership, perspective, action and community brings fresh insight, new energy, helps you to clear blocks, find your purpose, make better decisions and implement changes....allowing life to Flow once more.

Your Path Revealed starts with an introductory conversation to help you clarify your question, followed by a two hour game, and a follow up session to see how you've integrated your insights, made changes in your life, and are enjoying life in Flow.

Group Flow Process

The Flow Game can be played within a group setting.  Join like minded people in the shared exploration of finding meaning in life.


Saturday 4th October 2019: Flow into Autumn: FULL

Community and Corporate Games

Karen is happy to host the Flow Game in community settings, and for team building and exploration in corporate settings.  If you know a community that would benefit, or would like to find out how the Flow Game would benefit your organisation then contact Karen for an exploratory conversation.


Contact Karen to book Your Path Revealed, join a Group Flow Process, or organise a community or corporate game.

Flow Game Testimonials

‘A deeply powerful experience’ 


‘Just wanted to thank you again so much for yesterday – what a day! I came with very few expectations of what it might be like and it really was a magical journey full of warmth, acceptance, openness, vulnerability, strength, insight and connection’ 


‘Thank you so much for hosting Saturday’s Flow Game. It was a deeply enjoyable and nourishing day. Delightful to meet like-minded souls and take that unexpected journey together. I was touched, sweetly opened and enlightened by the process of the game. I was also struck and humbled by the generosity of your hosting.   It was good and empowering to feel your trust in us to witness and speak to each other’s enquiries to that depth.   It was a kind of magic’. 


I feel better connected to who I am and who I could be, hopefully I can maintain a higher perspective view as I work through my next movements and rely more on my own judgments and decisions rather than seeking decisions and approval from others. You gave so willingly of your time to us and welcomed us into your home. Whilst I have no comparisons you were a great host, and your home was full of warmth. It was a much needed day of reflection and learning and a game I know you will lead so many others to benefit from’