Invitation to a Flow Game 5/10/2019

Are you struggling with an important question for your life that you can’t find the answer to no matter how much you talk it over, make lists or meditate on it?

The Flow Game (not to be confused with the video game of the same name) was devised by a group of friends in Denmark in the 1970’s and is now played 1-2-1, in small groups, and community and organisational settings worldwide. Two of the original group, Toke and Monica, still travel the globe training and hosting Flow Games in places as diverse as India and Australia. I was honoured to play, learn and train with them in the South of France in the Spring of 2018 and have subsequently joined a small group of approximately 200 international Flow Game Hosts worldwide.People often ask me what kind of questions are suitable for the Flow Game.  I tell them that asking to win the lottery won’t work, but a rich question like “How can I live more abundantly” is going to give you clarity!

In a small team game players bring a variety of questions to the table, working together as an informal ‘Wisdom Council’ to support each other find a new perspective for their individual lives.  The Flow Game is a great tool for deeper conversation, so why not clear your schedule, come and connect, and explore the important issues in your life in this creative, fun and thought provoking way.

I’ve been asked to host a game, and the date is set for Saturday 5th October. There are three remaining places at the table so let me know if you’d like to join in.   The game will run from 11am-5pm, the cost is by donation of not less than £70, drinks and snacks included.  A two course lunch can be provided for an additional £15 or you can bring a packed lunch.

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