In July 2013 I had a massive panic attack. It left me in the hospital for 3 days and I still don’t remember very little about what happened. After leaving the hospital I struggled to communicate and became very withdrawn. Two weeks later I had another attack; however this time Karen was at hand.  At this point like so many others I was of the belief that counselling and talking about things was a “waste of time”. I am an ex-serviceman who was always under the misguided belief that admitting you have a problem is a sign of weakness.

With Karen’s guidance, using EMDR and Somatic Experiencing, I was able to work through things that have been troubling me for many years. It was hard to understand at first that the body holds all of these traumatic events and does not always allow them to discharge in the correct way, but I now have the resources to allow that to happen.

In brief, people need to understand that if you are having issues it really does help to talk to someone. I am not talking about a spouse, parent or friend although their support is invaluable. It is a cliché, but the first and biggest step is admitting you need help and seeking it from someone that you can trust. Therapy works best if you are fully committed to it and trust the person you are seeing. Karen’s use of different techniques, and her understanding, sets her part from others, enabling the journey back a safe and secure one.

I would recommend Karen to anyone safe in the knowledge that their health and wellbeing could not be in better hands.  Still getting better every day.

Tony W