Karen trained as a Gong Practitioner with the College of Sound Healing.

Sound Healing has it’s roots in Eastern traditions and goes back thousands of years.  It has been gradually emerging as a therapeutic tool in Western culture since the 1960’s, with Gongs, Himalayan Singing Bowls and Tuning Forks being the most prominently used instruments.

Gongs produce a wide range of frequencies, and vibrations, which can relax, re-tune, regulate, and re-energise the body. Science shows us that just like everything else in the Universe humans are energy and vibrate at differing frequencies. Our bodies are 70% water and are great conductors for sound, so when we have a Sound Healing session, the body has the potential to correct imbalances of energy deep down at a cellular level.

Let’s talk brainwaves.  Our brains and the rest of our bodies are totally interconnected so when our brainwaves are out of balance we will be experiencing corresponding emotional and physical health issues.  Over or under arousal of the brain is linked with problems like anxiety disorders, sleep problems, hyper-vigilance, anger, depression, migraines, vertigo and tinnitus, to name just a few.

Beta brainwaves which dominate our waking state take up a lot of our energy, so when through Sound Healing we move into Alpha brainwaves we experience a nice resting state.  In Theta brainwaves we go deeper into relaxation and meditation, and are able to access and process deeply held worries and and regulate our nervous systems free from anxiety and stress.  And then there’s the slow and low frequency of Delta waves, where profound healing can occur.