Smovey Rings in Somatic Experiencing

In Somatic Experiencing (SE) sessions Smovey Rings are a great tool in the treatment of trauma.  Here are 7 good reasons to book an SE session using Smovey Rings and experience the vitality affect.  

Come out of trauma and into aliveness.

  1. When traumatised our curiosity is greatly diminished, as is our availability for connection and social engagement.  ‘Playing’ with the Smovey Rings with your therapist activates mirror neutrons, enhancing capacity for relationship, and helps develop the ability for the containment and processing of emotions.
  2. Movement with Smovey Rings increases body awareness in a positive way, sending feedback through your sensory pathways to improve neural regulation, and awareness of visceral sensations in the body.
  3. Cross lateral movements with Smovey Rings help the brain connect across hemispheres.
  4. The felt vibrations of the Smovey Rings help mobilise the upper body gently out of the freeze state
  5. Horizontal movements using Smovey Rings help release the body from shame (contraction/closed body posture) to power and dignity (open chest/expansion).
  6. Proprioception – the awareness of self in space/time is greatly enhanced with use of Smovey Rings.

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